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Studio Park Tower – Final Chapter & Topping Out

News Studio Park Tower

It’s not often that a movie sequel lives up to the hype of the first installment. Fortunately for Kent Companies, we keep getting better with every new chapter, and our highlight reel at Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids proves just that. 2023 marks the topping out of Studio Park Tower, a 22-story residential building added atop the current parking ramp. It also marks the third and final phase in a long and loyal partnership between Kent Companies and Olsen-Loeks Development.

The first phase, in collaboration with Pioneer Construction and First Companies, introduced a retail center, movie theater, hotel, and parking ramp to the Ottawa Avenue site. Next came the seven-story office tower for Acrisure, built alongside Rockford Construction. The final installment, Studio Park Tower, will be the fifth tallest building in Grand Rapids. Offering upscale apartments, condos, and a variety of luxury amenities including community space, an elevated pool, and more.

“Kent Companies was the right concrete contractor for the job because of our people,” shared Matt Fennema, Vice President of Pre-Construction. “We’ve been in this community for 65 years and have built many of the key buildings across the region. We have the experience to go vertical and adapt to the challenges brought by working in downtown Grand Rapids.”

To drive safety throughout the construction of the multifamily structure, Kent Companies deployed a Doka Protection Screen to protect all trades working at heights – and the surrounding building occupants. In collaboration with Rockford Construction, we introduced this cutting-edge system to West Michigan at Studio Park Tower. “We were able to up the ante on productivity while minimizing safety hazards that typically rear their heads when working in tight, urban environments,” Safety Manager Matt Cassar added. “This wasn’t just a step forward; it was a leap toward a safer, more efficient way of building.”

We’re thankful to our partners at Pioneer Construction, Rockford Construction, and Olsen-Loeks Development for the opportunity to build a remarkable skyline in Grand Rapids. To learn more about our safety program and pre-construction services for complex and high-visibility structures, contact Matt Fennema.