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Project Highlight: Project Komar – Bryan County, GA

News Project Komar

For years the West Coast was the primary hub for imports but over the past several years we’ve seen a significant shift.  All this to say, distribution companies have evaluated alternative import solutions and are rapidly investing in the Southeast for a better supply-chain network.

No one understands this shift better than our Charlotte, NC team. Guided by experts like Project Executive Chris Wood and Senior Project Manager Matt Dusseau, we’re not just placing concrete; we’re shaping efficiency. In partnership with Evans General Contracting, we’re building Project Komar – Savannah, an intended distribution center situated in Bryan County, GA.

Kent Companies is leading the construction of a massive 758,000 SF concrete tilt-panel building. In one night, our team effectively poured 30 panels, covering an area of 33,600 SF, utilizing 1,000 CY of concrete. Project Komar – Savannah is a reminder that the Southeast construction market continues to be dominated by logistic and distribution projects and that Kent Companies continues solidifying our position as the go-to for tilt-panel buildings.

The project scope includes:

  • 5,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 148 concrete panels
  • 722,400 SF slab-on-grade foundations

Interested in working with our Charlotte team, send bid invites to