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Making Moves: Chris Wood, Project Executive

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Like a puzzle, you can’t see the final picture of a construction project until all of the pieces are put together. Drawings, budgets, schedules, and suppliers all need to align for the final product to come to life. Project Executive Chris Wood thrives in this environment. With over 18 years of experience in the concrete industry, Chris is the one you want putting the pieces of your project together.

After a 10-year career working for a redi-mix supplier, Chris was ready to dive into the contractor side of the concrete business. In 2016 he transitioned into project management, honing his knowledge of the construction industry. Chris joined Kent Companies in March 2022 as a Senior Project Manager in Charlotte, North Carolina. He quickly became an integral part of the team and made the move to Project Executive in April 2023.

“Chris’s reputation precedes him as a consistently high performer with a rare combination of knowledge, intellect, and integrity,” said Chief Talent Officer Ryan Kuczynski. “Since joining Kent Companies, Chris has demonstrated an innate ability to create company- and customer-focused solutions.”

Solutions are Chris’ specialty. “I like connecting the dots and finding a solution or better method to any challenging situation,” said Wood. “A lot of project management is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, whether it’s complexities of the work or the people doing the job.”

When asked what he was most proud of in his career he quickly responded, “my relationships.” Over the years, Chris built a strong network of people around him, including teammates, suppliers, and clients. His success is driven by his ability to connect his network and find the right team for any job. “My relationships have helped me better my work and in turn helped grow my career. I’m really proud and thankful for that.”

Chris and his team are currently on site at Myers Park Methodist Church, one of many projects that required his solution-based approach. Tight site conditions, a struggling foundation, and excess water on site created challenges for the entire project team. Chris worked with the general contractor to demo the foundation and implement an engineered matting system to eliminate water from sitting in the foundation. This solution enabled the entire project team to drive on site without getting stuck, helping to keep the project on schedule.

Lifelong learning is also a cornerstone of Chris’ success. He shares, “Every job is different, and you learn something new every time. I love the learning curve and want to learn new systems and techniques to improve myself, my team, and our processes. Each job is a new opportunity to do that.”

He shares this advice for anyone looking to grow their career in project management: “Be open-minded and willing to put in the work. Learn from everyone. Every person you come across has something to teach you. Don’t discount anyone’s experience and take the time to listen. You’ll be better for it in the end.”

Project Executive Chris Wood is making moves. You can be a part of the growth at Kent Companies by visiting our careers page and connecting with our talent team here: