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Better add parking! Multifamily construction is booming in Austin, TX.

News Better add parking

In metro areas across the country, real estate commands a premium. But you know what else does? Adequate parking. In Central Texas, the demand for residential communities is soaring, and that’s why our Austin multifamily team is a go-to partner on three projects going up in East Austin; Millenium Eastside (Din-Cal Construction Inc & TDC Builders), Windsor Village (Andres Construction Services), and Burton Multifamily (EBCO General Contractor). These properties combined will add nearly 700 units within 15 square miles, each with their respective below-ground parking.

“As multifamily housing projects increase, the Kent Companies team continues to run on all cylinders, managing the details, and delivering quality with each pour,” Tim Beavers, Division Manager said. “In particular with underground parking, we’re talking about detention ponds, retaining wall systems and structural piers going 60′ deep. Our team has the expertise to deliver complex work, on schedule and with attention to detail.”

Millenium Eastside scope:  

  • 50,000 SF cast-in-place parking garage
  • 73,000 SF apartment post-tension foundations
  • 20,000 SF split-level foundation walls
  • 55,000 SF Sidewalks
  • Foundations for the amenity courtyards and drainage ponds

Windsor Village scope:

  • 175,000 SF cast-in-place parking garage
  • 100,000 SF apartment post-tension foundations
  • 30,000 SF sidewalks
  • Rain garden retaining walls and courtyard amenity foundations

Burton Multifamily scope:

  • 60’ deep drilled pier foundation
  • Mass elevator and stair foundations
  • 5,000 SF retaining walls
  • 100 cast-in-place columns
  • 50,000 SF elevated post-tension slabs

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